Options for Garage Flooring

The performance and looks of garage floors both have undergone a lot of changes over the past few years. Various flooring ideas and options are now available which help to give your garage an all new look. Not only does it enhances the style of the garage but also ensure durability. Garage flooring like metallic color pigments helps to fix those seals and cracks of your garage floors.

red metallic-400x250

Take a look at the several options that the garage owners have to give a perfect finish to their garage:

Epoxy: This is one of the leading garage flooring options which is preferred by many customers. You can create different color hues and texture using epoxy. This type of floor coating assures a warranty of more than 15 years. They are easy to clean and can resist any harsh chemical. Epoxy floor coatings for concrete create a glossy shine on the floor and offer a professional look to your garage.

Concrete Sealer: It is an easy to apply floor coating and is quite cheap as well. It offers protection against mild chemicals, water road salts, and oil. They are available two versions: solvent-based and water-based.

Concrete Stain: This is a sealer containing pigments. Water-based acrylic products are the best option to choose in this type of coating.

Rubber Tiles: Having interlocking edges, rubber tiles can be installed without glues. They come in different colors and patterns. They have anti-skid textures which prevent slipping. They are resistant to chemicals and offer a warranty of about 25 years.

Rollout Mats: They offer thick flooring and are easy to clean and maintain. The mats are durable and come in various sizes. They are easy to install and are a perfect way to hide cracks and concrete pitting.

Rigid Tiles: These types of tiles are made of stiff plastic. They can handle heavier loads. They are quite easy to maintain and are chemical resistant as well. You can choose different styles and patterns in this category.

In addition to the options mentioned above, there are many other ideas available which help you to convert your garage into a new living space or gym or renovate it completely. Metallic epoxy floor paints are one of exotic and high tech looking garage flooring options which are often used by professionals.


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