Epoxy Flooring – Renovate Boring Garage Floor to Posh Work Area

Are you looking to transform your dull floor into beautiful and brilliant colored floor finish? Epoxy flooring is the solution for your floor problems. One long weekend is sufficient to transform your old garage floor to bright showroom floor finish. All you need to do is prepare your floor vigorously for an epoxy floor coating. The base should be a concrete floor on which coating has to be painted. But not all concrete floors hold epoxy paint as it is a thermosetting resin which is primarily used in laminations, coatings, and adhesives.

Preparation work

Test your concrete floor for any dampness or moisture prior to applying an epoxy coat. Remove any residues of oil, dirt, moisture by rinsing and scrubbing a lot or cleaning with a mild acid. Spread a plastic bag on the floor and check for moisture in a period of 24 hours and if found dry, epoxy coating is recommended. Fill in the cracks of concrete and paint with epoxy as a first coat and apply a second coat the next day. The finished product looks stunning and sparkling clean for many more years to come.

Do not use epoxy coating if your floor was concreted previously with a sealant as it had already trapped moisture earlier. It is also best to wait for few months if the building has a new concrete floor to let it cure and dry on its own.

Benefits of epoxy floor coating

The beautiful finish and wide range of designs make it an attractive and popular choice for floor coatings. It is incredibly durable with low porosity and extreme finish. It possesses exceptional bond strength and resistance to chemicals wear and tear. They are also water and dust resistant and give long life to the floors. They are quite inexpensive when used in industrial floors which are known to harbor rough traffic and extreme conditions.

It is very easy and fast to install them and cleaning epoxy floors is a simple job. The epoxy coating increases the floor brightness by 200 percent with its high gloss surface. They are environmentally friendly and do not require any maintenance in future. It is viable with epoxy coatings to prepare the anti-slip surface by mixing with different paints to mark important ways.

Metallic epoxy floor coating

Garage epoxy floor coating not only gives durable finish but also transforms your garage space into a beautiful functioning area. There are a variety of base coats and primers to enhance the epoxy floor installation. Metallic color pigments are mixed with epoxy resin to give luxurious floors. The mixing pattern gives unique design which reflects light well and provides shine to the entire area.
Since the epoxy coatings harden fast, they have to be applied and installed by a pro. There are variants in the epoxy coating which give different finishes depending on the project floor it has to be applied. The protective face mask is needed for installation.


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