Options for Garage Flooring

The performance and looks of garage floors both have undergone a lot of changes over the past few years. Various flooring ideas and options are now available which help to give your garage an all new look. Not only does it enhances the style of the garage but also ensure durability. Garage flooring like metallic color pigments helps to fix those seals and cracks of your garage floors.

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Take a look at the several options that the garage owners have to give a perfect finish to their garage:

Epoxy: This is one of the leading garage flooring options which is preferred by many customers. You can create different color hues and texture using epoxy. This type of floor coating assures a warranty of more than 15 years. They are easy to clean and can resist any harsh chemical. Epoxy floor coatings for concrete create a glossy shine on the floor and offer a professional look to your garage.

Concrete Sealer: It is an easy to apply floor coating and is quite cheap as well. It offers protection against mild chemicals, water road salts, and oil. They are available two versions: solvent-based and water-based.

Concrete Stain: This is a sealer containing pigments. Water-based acrylic products are the best option to choose in this type of coating.

Rubber Tiles: Having interlocking edges, rubber tiles can be installed without glues. They come in different colors and patterns. They have anti-skid textures which prevent slipping. They are resistant to chemicals and offer a warranty of about 25 years.

Rollout Mats: They offer thick flooring and are easy to clean and maintain. The mats are durable and come in various sizes. They are easy to install and are a perfect way to hide cracks and concrete pitting.

Rigid Tiles: These types of tiles are made of stiff plastic. They can handle heavier loads. They are quite easy to maintain and are chemical resistant as well. You can choose different styles and patterns in this category.

In addition to the options mentioned above, there are many other ideas available which help you to convert your garage into a new living space or gym or renovate it completely. Metallic epoxy floor paints are one of exotic and high tech looking garage flooring options which are often used by professionals.


Epoxy verses Urethane concrete floor coatings

Both epoxy floor coatings and epoxy coatings can be used on concrete flooring. However, each of these works in a different way and for a particular application. Each of them can thus be chosen based on the desired application and preference. However, both can be used at the same time, meaning on the same concrete floor as we shall see later on in this article.

To understand urethane coatings and metallic epoxy pigments or epoxy floor coatings for concrete, the two will offer protection against chemical corrosion, wear and damage. The two are long lasting, and are associated with low maintenance and replacement costs. Both urethane and garage epoxy floor coating or metallic epoxy floor coating also offer non-slip conditions and thus increase safety of floors. They also increase light reflectivity by 300 percent, meaning homeowners lower utility bills, maximize on space usability as a result of brightening up the space, and improves employee morale.

Although both options work for concrete floors, their differences is what you should consider when making a choice between them: To start with, epoxy floor coatings for concrete or garage epoxy floor coating work better for  more as a floor priming/resurfacing needs while urethane can be applied for purposes of protecting the epoxy surface from wear.

Below is a detailed discussion of each.

Epoxy: Metallic epoxy floor coating or metallic epoxy pigments are ideal for resurfacing a concrete floor. The thickness to apply (between 2mls and 80+mls) depends on the application and underlying floor surface. It will certainly make a floor look shiny and brand new, improve light reflectivity and can be used to add color (either single or multiple colors).

The color range feature is very useful when you want to designate certain areas and walkaways or when you want to add directional arrows or logos on the floors. In addition to improving the appearance, they will actually protect a floor surface and are great when used on retail, industrial, showroom and public buildings.

Epoxy floor coatings for concrete or garage epoxy floor coating have been applied on labs, manufacturing plants, hospitals, schools and automotive. In fact, they can be used in aerospace, galleries, showrooms, malls and big box users. When diamond grinding rather than shot blasting is done on the site (underlying concrete preparation), and an expert is used to ensure there is proper curing and bonding, epoxy floors are a great choice. You can also ensure that metallic epoxy floor coating or metallic epoxy pigments meet LEED requirements (or other standards) for VOC limits.

Urethane: You cannot adjust the thickness of Urethane: it comes with a preset rolled thickness of 2 to 3 ml. Since it does not bond well with concrete, it is not an ideal direct application over a concrete floor. It is used as an outstanding top coat and sealer for most kinds of epoxy coatings. Because it gives a moisture and heat resistant seamless and smooth floor coating, it is ideal for use in food and beverage industry.

Why Should You Use An Epoxy Floor Coating Product?

The thick floor coating is needed to cover up minor imperfections such as meandering spider cracks and flaws in the concrete. Epoxy is a great topical sealer with anti-dusting properties. Both industrial and commercial flooring are done with Epoxy floor coatings, which are durable and hard wearing solutions. These coatings are applied on concrete floors, which make the surface attractive. There are experts in this field who can even install designer epoxy flooring that delivers an absolutely new look to the building floors.

Epoxy floor coatings ensure a glossy surface and are easy to clean and maintain. Discussed below are certain advantages that you can get from these floor coatings:

1.Durable And Hard Wearing Surface: Epoxy floor coating products used on concrete floors result in a seamless and high performing surface that is assured to last for many years.
2.Easy To Clean: Metallic Epoxy floor coating have a unique feature of being easily cleaned and wiped free of dust, dirt and debris. Owing to this feature, this floor coating is considered ideal for any pharmaceutical, food, beverage and packaging plants.
3.Appealing and Attractive: The glossy shine of the coating after drying up makes the flooring visually attractive. These floor coatings are available in different colors and styles by using which one can create a decorative pattern on the floors.
4.Increases Safety: Epoxy floor coating is resistant to heat, slip, fire and impact and thus improves safety. When you use these floor coatings in your work area, the brightness of the place gets enhanced.
5.Chemically Resistant: This kind of floor coating being chemically resistant is a great option to be used by warehouses, manufacturing and industrial plants.
6.Work And Traffic Zones Can Be Designated: Epoxy floor coatings can be used in varying colors to define forklift traffic zones, safety zones and other work areas.
7.Environmentally Friendly: For the companies who choose to go for green building materials and alternatives; epoxy floor coating is one the best solutions as they are environmentally friendly products.
8.Enhance Productivity Capacities: Use of epoxy floor coatings in industrial plants and warehouses ensure faster material movement, reduce the wear of transport vehicles and also prevent damage caused to the floor.
9.Cost Effective: Epoxy floor coatings done by professional flooring providers are quite affordable by individuals as well as by companies. These floor coatings last for a long period of time and require very little maintenance. The keep up costs of such floorings is also minimal, thus you are almost on zero maintenance for flooring once Epoxy coating is done.
10.Easy And Quick Application: Epoxy floor coatings can be easily applied to both new as well as old concrete floors. These self-leveling products enable quick application on any flooring by the professionals who are experienced in this field.

These floor coatings deliver a unique look to both your business and residence. You may also hire reputed companies, who perform polyaspartic garage floor coatings to give a new look to this area. The use of metallic epoxy floor kits by professionals ensures that the flooring is done using the latest technologies and methods.