Benefits of polyaspartic garage floor coatings

The choice between polyaspartic garage floor coatings and other designer epoxy flooring such as metallic epoxy floor coating might depend on a number of factors including durability, costs, ease of maintenance, and ease of cleaning. Polyaspartic garage floor coatings carry one or a few advantages over metallic epoxy floor coating or designer epoxy flooring. We will discuss those advantages in this article.

Polyurea, a sub-group of polyurethane, is made by mixing isocyanates with water or polyetheramines to create a urea linkage and the process involves mixing a resin with a catalyst, hence the result is a very hard material. The resulting material has an elongation rate of more than 300 percent, making it more flexible than epoxy. This material is commonly used in interior pipe coating, tunnel coatings, joint fillers, liquid containment lining and spray-on bed liners. The two biggest advantages for polyaspartic garage floor coatings are temperature and time.

Polyaspartic garage floor coatings, unlike metallic epoxy floor coating and designer epoxy flooring can be applied in very low temperatures of -30F to as high as 140F, depending on their formulation. It means that, unlike the case where those living in colder climates will require waiting till spring or summer to coat their garage floors, it is not the case when dealing with polyurea garage floor coatings. Polyaspartic flooring is applied in two coats; the primer and color coat being the first and the clear coat being the second.

Another advantage is that polyaspartic garage floor coatings manage a fast cure rate and so can be installed in one day and returned the next day to service. Installing metallic epoxy floor coating or designer epoxy flooring will need you to wait for 3 to 5 days to cure. This is not so for this type of flooring: you just need a day.

Polyaspartic floor coatings also carry other benefits such as being 100 percent U.V. stable and will never yellow, has a crystal clear finish that will not blush from moisture in the concrete, and it has a higher resistance to abrasion and scratch to polyurethane. Its high tolerance to heat means it can manage hot tire pickups. You can also use the applicator to control high film build-ups. The product also has a high gloss finish, little or no VOC’s in most applications, of excellent wetting characteristics – which means good penetration into concrete for a strong bond, and low chances of bubble from outgassing thanks to its faster cure rate.


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•Long lasting
•Resistant to chemicals and abrasives
•Smooth glossy finish
•Effective in functionality
•Good binding characteristics

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•Primer should be mixed with a drill to ensure best results.
•Keep the primers, pigments away from dust and reseal properly after use to avoid drying of the ingredients.
•Apply floor wax to get the durable finish and it acts as a shield from wear and scratch.
•Clean the floor with a microfiber mop and denatured alcohol after grinding.
•Give sufficient time for the concrete to dry before cleaning.
•Always use primer for better adhesion.

Surface preparation and applications tools are also available with us like roller cover, roller frame, spiked shoes, grinding tools and flat blades. We are available during standard office hours from 9.00 Am to 5.00 Pm and we remain closed for weekends and holidays. We offer fee shipping facility within the states of the USA. We also provide estimation for free if we are provided with required details. General instructions along with mixing ratios and surface preparation will be provided in detail on request.

Epoxy verses Urethane concrete floor coatings

Both epoxy floor coatings and epoxy coatings can be used on concrete flooring. However, each of these works in a different way and for a particular application. Each of them can thus be chosen based on the desired application and preference. However, both can be used at the same time, meaning on the same concrete floor as we shall see later on in this article.

To understand urethane coatings and metallic epoxy pigments or epoxy floor coatings for concrete, the two will offer protection against chemical corrosion, wear and damage. The two are long lasting, and are associated with low maintenance and replacement costs. Both urethane and garage epoxy floor coating or metallic epoxy floor coating also offer non-slip conditions and thus increase safety of floors. They also increase light reflectivity by 300 percent, meaning homeowners lower utility bills, maximize on space usability as a result of brightening up the space, and improves employee morale.

Although both options work for concrete floors, their differences is what you should consider when making a choice between them: To start with, epoxy floor coatings for concrete or garage epoxy floor coating work better for  more as a floor priming/resurfacing needs while urethane can be applied for purposes of protecting the epoxy surface from wear.

Below is a detailed discussion of each.

Epoxy: Metallic epoxy floor coating or metallic epoxy pigments are ideal for resurfacing a concrete floor. The thickness to apply (between 2mls and 80+mls) depends on the application and underlying floor surface. It will certainly make a floor look shiny and brand new, improve light reflectivity and can be used to add color (either single or multiple colors).

The color range feature is very useful when you want to designate certain areas and walkaways or when you want to add directional arrows or logos on the floors. In addition to improving the appearance, they will actually protect a floor surface and are great when used on retail, industrial, showroom and public buildings.

Epoxy floor coatings for concrete or garage epoxy floor coating have been applied on labs, manufacturing plants, hospitals, schools and automotive. In fact, they can be used in aerospace, galleries, showrooms, malls and big box users. When diamond grinding rather than shot blasting is done on the site (underlying concrete preparation), and an expert is used to ensure there is proper curing and bonding, epoxy floors are a great choice. You can also ensure that metallic epoxy floor coating or metallic epoxy pigments meet LEED requirements (or other standards) for VOC limits.

Urethane: You cannot adjust the thickness of Urethane: it comes with a preset rolled thickness of 2 to 3 ml. Since it does not bond well with concrete, it is not an ideal direct application over a concrete floor. It is used as an outstanding top coat and sealer for most kinds of epoxy coatings. Because it gives a moisture and heat resistant seamless and smooth floor coating, it is ideal for use in food and beverage industry.